Camp Logan Compost Logistics

Waste Less, Feed the Earth, Grow Something Together

Our Goals

Camp Logan Compost Logistics volunteers have been diverting thousands of pounds of waste from local households, businesses and events since 2016.

And we're just getting started.

Supporting local composting urban gardens, and connecting individuals with the compost hauling services that fit their lifestyles, we connect the dots of existing, free and low-cost infrastructure, to allow average Houstonians to easily adopt the less wasteful habit of sorting organic waste. 

In turn, we hope to ease the burden on the expensive waste management systems paid for by taxpayers, encourage more local urban gardening fertilized by natural organic waste, and improve the waste handling habits of Houstonians. 

And we do it for free. 

CLCL is a small UNA volunteer Collective. Everything is paid for out of our volunteers' pockets, so you don't have to add another bill to your list. 
(Though you're welcome to contribute what you can.)

We just want to get YOU wasting less.

Waste Less

Your food waste is still food

When you toss egg shells, stale bread, coffee grounds, and carrot tops in the trash, you're still throwing out food. Just because you might not want to eat it doesn't mean microorganizms aren't hungry for it. Anaerobic - oxygen-hating -  decomposition produces methane and other gross odors - that's why trash stinks. When you feed anaerobic microbes in landfills, you also send all that waste all that way behind a diesel engine. 


Diverting all those tasty goodies to healthier aerobic microbial environments at our local gardens, behind a Prius or bike, reduces the burden on Houston's expensive trash systems, reduces the emissions your waste causes and tends to have the effect of helping you see waste differently, producing less overall. 

Feed the Earth

How does Compost Work?

Composting is the process of "Aerobic Decomposition" or the breakdown of waste by microorganisms who like oxygen, like us! 

They produce incredibly fertile soil, which helps plants grow healthier, stronger, and capture more carbon in the atmophere, while produing prettier flowers and more nutrient dense fruits. 

This is how waste has been managed "the old way" - before the invention of the landfill. Many of us who moved into the city from the country are used to having a pile for the garden, but it takes a bit more logic in small urban spaces. That's where we come in. 

Grow Something Together

You have a choice

Help grow a garden, even if you're not into plants. When you choose to feed the local urban garden scene instead of a rottin' landfill, you support a community of growers and sustainability activists, working together to help provide more opportunities to make the right choice for regular Houstonians. 

There's no need to contribute to a system that costs taxpayers thousands, appropriates other towns' property to make room for our wasteful habits, and rots into a stinky future filled with uncaptured methane. 

What you do with your waste counts. Grow our future greener, cleaner, and together. 

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